Rate The Ref – Posh v Cod Army – Graham Horwood

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What did you think to referee Graham Horwood’s performance in the Sky Bet League One match between Peterborough United and Fleetwood Town?

Referee Graham Horwood is an experienced official but he must have forgotten to bring his cards with him as they didn’t make an appearance in this latest Posh match against the Cod Army.

It was certainly surprising that no cards were shown as two Cod Army players on two separate occasions should’ve been shown a yellow card as they were prepared to “take one for the team” only for Horwood to just have a chat with the player in question!

Gwion Edwards was also completely taken out as another Fleetwood player slid in from behind taking both Edwards and the ball out of play! Shockingly, a foul wasn’t even awarded by Horwood who also ignored many other fouls and indiscretions!

What did you think to the referees performance?

To rate the referee, there are four categories to score the official on:

A. Decision Making (including use of advantage)
B. Consistency
C. Fitness and Positioning
D. Control and Authority

Each category is out of 25 (25 is the top mark).

CLICK HERE to Rate the Referee. The results will be processed and a League table will be produced showing the results.

The poll is open until 6pm on Tuesday [1st May].


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